Don't Replace Restor


·         Rotting windows, condensation, sick of filling the holes before painting! Not anymore.

·          Window restoration will offer you the most green and affordable option. Rather than replacing with plastic, repair and renew and bring back the natural look of a beautiful wood window, restoring the original window will bring a smile on your face for a fraction of the cost.

·          I can restore any window no matter what the condition by splicing new timber in to the window where? rotten.

·          I can also combat the condensation issue by replacing the single glazing with double, there are a couple of options new sashes to take the new thickness of the double glazing, or routeing out the original whichever method they both work,

·          Stained glass is no problem we can take the original leaded glass out restore it then encase it in a double glazed unit it looks the same but with the added value of the double glazing.

·          Original Sliding sash windows can also be restored no matter what condition they are in. By splicing new timbers where rotten, Re cording and re beading will give you trouble free windows with a 99% draft seal.

·          We can replace single glazed sashes with a new double glazed sash in to the original boxes. Don’t replace restore for a fraction of the cost.


                      Before And After windows